Due to Covid-19 lockdowns impacting the Beauty Expo Australia dates to August 2022, we have had to postpone the Lash Pro Championships. This will give lash artists more time to craft their perfect lash set.

Lash v has always been dedicated to shining a light on the talented lash artists around the world. So the lash pro championships will continue to do this bigger and better next year! We thank you for your support, & wish you good luck in perfecting your lash craft!

Please note:
All entrants accounts will remain active.
All entrants to date will have the option to keep their current entry submission (including current votes), or resubmit a new entry in 2022.

We will announce new competition dates in early 2022 once lockdowns end and all our passionate lash artists are back creating stunning lash sets again. 
If you have any questions, please reach out to us at

If you have any questions, please reach out to us at















LASH V – Lash Pro Championship


With an online submission, 5 Finalists will go head to head at the Beauty Expo Australia Sydney 2021, with only one winner.


  1. The Promoter is Lash V – (Promoter).
  2. The Promoter will be holding the largest Premade Lash Competition Australia ever seen, Lash V – Lash Pro Championship (Competition).
  3. Information on how to enter and prize information form part of these Conditions of Entry (Conditions of Entry).
  4. Your entry into the Competition is deemed acceptance by you of these Conditions of Entry.
  5. You are responsible for ensuring your familiarity with the Conditions of Entry at the time of participation.
  6. The Promoter’s decision in relation to any aspect of these Conditions of Entry and the Competition is final and binding on every person who



  1. The Online Submissions will commence at 15:00 Australian Eastern Standard Time (AEST) on 16 June 2021 and conclude at 23:55 AEST on 22 September 2021 (Online Submissions). The finalists will be judged announced on 27 September 2021.
  2. 5 Finalists compete at the Australia Beauty Expo 16 October 2021 and the winner will be announced on the same day.




LASH ARTIST OF THE YEAR (First Place Finals Winner)

  1. The prize for the overall judged winner at the final includes one of each of the following:
    1. $10,000.00AUD in cash;
    2. Lash V Winner Trophy;
    3. Lash Artist of the Year title for 2021
    4. Two (2) VIP Guest tickets at Lash V Mega Yacht After Party (Lash V Yacht Party);
    5. Flights (if based in NSW, minimum of 200km from Sydney Airport and your residential address) and Accommodation (if based in NSW, minimum of 100km from Sydney Airport and your residential address) for two (2) to Sydney for the live final at the Beauty Expo Australia;
    6. Two (2) tickets to Beauty Expo Australia 2021.
    7. 20% off all Lash V online store products for 12 months; and
    8. Become a Lash V Ambassador .



  1. The prize for the remaining four (4) finalists includes one of each of the following:
    1. $500.00 Lash V online store credit;
    2. 20% off all Lash V products for three (3) months;
    3. Lash V Runner Up Certificate;
    4. Flights (if based in NSW, minimum of 200km from Sydney Airport and your residential address) and Accommodation (if based in NSW, minimum of 100km from Sydney Airport and your residential address) for two (2) to Sydney for the live final at the Beauty Expo Australia;
    5. Two (2) tickets to Beauty Expo Australia 2021; and
    6. Become a Lash V Ambassador.



  1. The prize for the top 15 judged runner ups (which excludes the top 5 finalists), includes one of each of the following:
    1. 15% off all Lash V online store products for two (2) months; and
    2. Lash V Runner Up Certificate.



CATEGORY 2 – Lash Fan Favourite 2021

All entrants of Lash Artist of the Year are automatically entered in Category 2.

Winning Mechanic: Most votes win first prize.


First Prize

  1. The prize for first place includes one of each of the following:
    1. $2,000 Lash V online store credit;
    2. Lash Fan Favourite Winner Certificate;
    3. Two (2) tickets to the Lash V Yacht Party.
  2. All prizes must be taken as The prize, or any unused portion of the prize, is not exchangeable and cannot be redeemed as cash. All prizes are valued in Australian Dollars. The Promoter accepts no responsibility for any variation in the prize or price value.



To be an Eligible Entrant

  1. Online Submissions will open at 15:00 Australian Eastern Standard Time (AEST) on 16 June 2021.
  2. Online Submissions will close at 23:55 Australian Eastern Standard Time (AEST) on 22 September 2021.
  3. Entry is only via online submissions.
  4. All entrants must complete the full registration form online by following this link:


Rules of Submission:

  1. Entrant must be a Lash V stockist
  2. Entrant must be a lash artist and own a Lash business/home business/mobile.
  3. Entrant must have ordered at least $80.00 of Lash V stock products.
  4. Entrant will only be able to use Lash V products throughout the 


  5. Strictly no other lash brand’s products are to be used or shown in 


  6. Entrant must be following Lash V on Instagram.
  7. Entrants must upload upload their Hero ‘After’ submission to Instagram and Facebook and tag the following:




and state that they have entered the Lash V Lash Pro Championships.

  1. Entrants will be disqualified for submitting the images or intellectual property of any person that is not themselves.
  2. Entrants must submit photos they have captured themselves (i.e: no third party photographer).
  3. Entrants must have written consent of each of their models to use their images and must have consent from each of their models for the Promoter to use the images uploaded by the Entrant in the Promoters absolute and sole discretion.
  4. Entrant must be subscribed to the Lash VIP mailing list.
  5. Entrant must be available to compete at the Sydney Finals on 16 October 2021.
  6. Entrant must be over 18 years of age.
  7. Any costs associated with accessing the registration website are the entrant’s sole responsibility and are dependent on the internet service provider used. All Eligible Entrants must submit their entry manually using an internet browser.
  8. The Promoter is not responsible for any technical difficulties with the entry mechanism and does not warrant that the entry mechanism will be available at all time.
  9. Incomplete, ineligible, indecipherable or incorrect entries (as determined by the Promoter in its absolute discretion) are not eligible to win.
  10. Your entry is deemed to be received at the time of receipt into the Promoter’s database and not the time of transmission by you.
  11. Entrants must upload ‘before’ and ‘after’ photos using Lash V products Entrants are only permitted to use two (2) lash sets. Each lash set must be lashed on one model per lash set on the same date (i.e: a maximum of two models).



  1. Online Submissions are all based on your online submissions, registration form and
  2. The Promoter will select the 20 Judged Runner Ups and 5 Finalists and announce same on 27 September 2021. Judges will select and announce the Winner on 16 October 2021 at the Beauty Expo Australia.
  3. The Top 20 Lash Artists will be selected based on the following judging criteria:
    1. Correct isolation/separation technique - 10pts
    2. Attachment - 10 pts
    3. Distance from skin/eyelid - 10 pts
    4. Lash Direction – 10 pts
    5. Weight suitability - 10 pts
    6. Even distance between fan tips - 10 pts
    7. Coverage – 10pts
    8. Symmetry – 10 pts
    9. Overall look – 10 pts
    10. Clean workspace - 10 pts
    11. Maximum score 100pts.


Sydney Final

  1. Sydney Final will be held at the Beauty Expo Australia Sydney 2021 on 16 October 2021.
  2. All finalists at the Sydney Finals will be invited to the Yacht Party on a date to be advised by the Promoter.
  3. Finalists will need to bring their own model.



  1. Each entrant gets 5 votes to vote on any entry, including their own entry.
  2. Each registered voter gets 5 votes to vote on any entry.
  3. Votes can be revoked and changed up until the closing date.
  4. Votes close 11:55PM AEST 10 October 2021.
  5. Lash Fan Favourite Winner announced on 11 October 2021.



  1. All prize winners will be notified in writing by email and by phone following the online announcement, with details about their flights and



  1. If requested by the Promoter, you must produce, within the time requested by the Promoter at its absolute discretion, appropriate photo identification or other documentation, to verify your
  2. Prizes will only be awarded following all verification requirements of the Promoter being met to its
  3. All entrants can only enter the Promotion in their own Entrants who enter using an alias (such as multiple names, addresses and/or email addresses) will be disqualified.



  1. The Promoter shall not be held liable in damages, and the Entrants shall not have a right to bring any legal action or suit for any delay or default in any event referred to in these Terms and Conditions that are caused by conditions beyond the Promoter’s control, which include but are not limited to Natural Disasters, Government Restrictions, National Emergency and
  2. The Promoter may change, extend or cancel the Competition in the event of an epidemic, pandemic, pestilence or infectious disease, including any COVID-19 outbreak, and the Promoter will not be held liable for any damages or losses that result from any change, extension or cancellation. The Entrants shall have not have any right to bring any action or suit against the Promoter in such conditions, for any reason whatsoever.
  3. In the event the Competition is to be postponed or cannot be held due to any of the above mentioned which falls into events beyond the control of Promoter and/or the Competition organisers and/or the Promoter, or any events which are not attributed to wrongful intent or gross negligence of the Promoter, the Promoter cannot be held liable by delegates for any costs, damages or losses which include but are not limited to, transportation costs, accommodation or financial



  1. During the course of any dealings with the Promoter, confidential information may be shared. Confidential Information means information/material relating to a party which comes into the possession or knowledge by any key speakers organised by the Competition organisers and/or the Promoters, or any of its entities, including but is not limited to, strategic, corporate and financial All attendees to the conference agree that they will not disclose any Confidential directly or indirectly, to any third party.
  2. By registering and attending the Competition, you grant the Promoter the permission to photograph, film, record and use your details to publish, reproduce, market distribute or edit any images and materials provided or taken by



  1. To the maximum extent permitted by any applicable law, the Promoter and any other party (whether or not involved in the creation, maintenance, development or delivery of the Competition) and the directors, officers, managers, employees, members, shareholders or agents of the Promoter or any of its entities exclude all and any liability and responsibility for any amount or kind of loss or damage, of whatsoever nature or kind, which may result in You or a third party in connection with the Competition in any way whatsoever, including without limitation actions or activities resulting from the use of resources or activities provided by the Promoter.
  2. Further, the Promoter will not be held liable for any complications, issues or accidents which may occur on the way to the Competition or at the The Promoter will not be held responsible for any losses or damages that may occur due to any accident or complications.
  3. Nothing in these Terms and Conditions shall limit or exclude the Promoter’s liability in jurisdictions that do not allow the limitation or exclusion of liability for consequential or incidental damages. In such jurisdictions the Promoter shall be limited by the maximum extent permitted by



  1. You warrant and agree with the Promoter that these Terms and Conditions and the Promoter’s privacy policy, constitute the entire understanding between the Promoter, the Promoter’s Entities and You with respect to your attendance and



  1. In the event that You are not satisfied with anything that arises as an issue at the Competition, You must initially attempt to resolve the dispute internally. You must notify the Promoter of the dispute and seek discussion and compromise to resolve the dispute. If the dispute is not able to be resolved internally, through informal means, then You must partake in mediation to resolve the dispute, on the same terms as those ordered by the Supreme Court of New South Wales and the costs of the mediation shall be borne by You.
  2. Only once You have attempted to resolve the dispute through the above specified methods You may pursue other



  1. By making an Online Submission, You and/or any of your models hereby give the Promoter, together with the officers, employees, agents, directors, contractors, assignees, licensees, transferees, successors, legal representatives or other representatives of the Promoter and any and all of its or their Related Bodies Corporate (“the Promoter’s Associates”), the absolute, unconditional, irrevocable and unrestricted right and permission to:
    1. photograph and video the model and use, in whole or in part, any images, videos and/or sound recordings of the Model, or which the model may be included and any derivative works in any manner the Promoters or any of the Promoters Associates determine in their absolute discretion;
    2. use, re-use, publish and re-publish the same in whole or in part, separately or in conjunction with other images, in any medium now or hereafter known, and for any purpose whatsoever, including but not limited to, illustration, promotion, advertising, art, editorial, social media, website, trade, or any other purpose whatsoever;
    3. publish Your name together with the images;
    4. use fictitious names together with the images; and
    5. copyright the images in the any one or both names of the Promoters, or any other name the Promoters may select at their absolute discretion.
  2. You and/or any of your models agree:
    1. to the digital compositing or distortion of the images, including without restriction any changes or alterations as to colour, size, shape, perspective, context, foreground or background;
    2. that any images, videos and sound recordings may be combined with other images, text and graphics, cropped, altered and modified at the Promoter’s absolute discretion.
  3. You hereby agree to indemnify and hold harmless the Promoter for any claim, action or suit brought against the Promoter by any one or all of the models used in your Online Submission.



65. The Promoter may revise or amend these Terms and Conditions at any time at their absolute discretion by posting revised You agree that, in the event that any portion of these Terms and Conditions are found to be unenforceable, the remainder of these Terms and Conditions remain in full force and effect. Any revisions will be effective immediately and by your continued participation in the Competition, You agree to the Terms and Conditions as amended. If You do not agree to the newly posted Terms and Conditions, You agree that your only remedy is to discontinue your participation in the Competition and acknowledge that any images submitted are the possession of the Promoter and the Promoter may use these images in their absolute and sole discretion.