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absolutely amazing !

so easy to work with and always come out flawless x

3D Short Stem Pro 👌🏽

Love these so much...super easy to use and always look amazing! My clients always say how much they love these over other lashes they've had before!

Love this glue

Hands down the best glue I have come across yet

7 week retention

Definitely didn't have seven week retention tried on many different clients with many different lash styles and none of them lasted past two weeks
Good general glue but definitely did not live up to expectations on retention


These lashes took my lashgame to the next level! super easy to use and perfect fans.


These lashes took my lashgame to the next level! Super easy to use and perfect fans.


These lashes took my lashgame to the next level! super easy to use and perfect fans.

Very good service. Highly recommend ladies to buy their products.

Last time I gave them four stars, but this time I have to give them five stars. They very concern customers. They solve the problems quickly and efficiently. Making me very happy. And I love their products. They are very good quality.

Wispy promade fans

I love them so much. I felt Individual wispy lashes are too heavy for some of my clients, however these promade one are perfect!

Premade fan storage tray
Christina Domingo
Perfect Lash Trays!

I absolutely love these lash trays! They're great for storing and organizing my pre-made fans. They're also a little bit larger than the average size tray which makes it easier for me to store and customize each tray with specific lashes for each of my regular clients.

New to lashV

I love the quality of these lashes. They are a game changer for me

5 star

Love your lashes. Great quality. Orders come so fast.

10D PROMADE LOOSE FANS – 0.03mm – C Curl – 500 fans

Just got a bulk order

Ordered so much of these goodies!

10D promade loose fans

Love these lashes, the pointy bases make application so much easier. Clients are always happy 😊

Phoebe cowell

Love these lashes!! Amazing quality great service always super quick !!

10D Promade Loose Fans

These are amazing ! I don’t think I will ever look towards another brand again. !

Love it

I love the fact that it’s very easy and fast and the look is very beautiful and soft when it’s finished will buy again

Good quality

Will buy again - great quality

Love these lashes!!

Pro point is my go to! And triple threat adhesive for a nice lush fullset application

Beautiful fans!

These fans are very well made. I love them and so do my clients! Thank you so much!

Highly recommend

Perfect for filling with your own promade fans. I would just throw away the fans I had been making and then after I saw this tray, no more waste. It is also great for lash V fans

Jacqueline Brown-Tucker
Triple Threat Glue

Hi, I find triple Threat Glue fantastic for classic lashes and very good for volume. I have been looking for a new glue and I have found it. Thanks guys 👍

Great lashes!

These lashes are awesome the bases are pointy but the fans are wide. The strips are easy to remove from the case and the lashes lift right off the strip without falling apart. They are very soft and from what I can tell they hold their curl well. I'm very happy with them!