Luxe Gold Tweezers - Crane 4 LASH V
Luxe Gold Tweezers - Crane #4 LASH V
Luxe Gold Tweezers - Crane 4 LASH V

Luxe Gold Tweezers - Crane #4

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Product description

LUXE Gold Stainless Steel Lash Tweezers Crane is a popular tool used for applying eyelash extensions. The tweezer is made of high-quality stainless steel, which makes it durable, rust-resistant, and easy to clean. The gold finish adds a touch of luxury to the overall design.

The "crane" design of the tweezers means that they have a curved shape with a pointed tip, which makes them ideal for isolating individual lashes and picking up and placing extensions accurately. The curved shape also helps to reduce hand fatigue during use.

When using the LUXE Gold Stainless Steel Lash Tweezers Crane, it's important to hold them correctly to avoid damaging the natural lashes or extensions. It's best to use a light grip and to work slowly and precisely, ensuring that each lash is isolated and extended correctly.

Overall, the LUXE Gold Stainless Steel Lash Tweezers Crane is a high-quality tool that can help to make the eyelash extension application process easier and more efficient.

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Shawnrelle Depaloma
Titanium Eyelash Tweezers - Crane #1

Great tweezers. They're so light and comfortable to use. They also look so nice. Definitely recommend!

So happy to hear you are loving the tweezers! yay! Thank you so much for the kind words xxx

Shay Beilby
Pretty & Perfect - Angled #5

I recently received the Luxe Gold Angled Tweezers & I'm in love ❤️ They not only look so pretty but they just work so perfectly. I definitely recommend trying out the tweezers from this Luxe Gold Range!

Jay Tay
My Saviour

I’ve been trialing so many different tweezers and seriously struggling to find any that look good and are grippy and have a really fine tip. These help so much with isolating the tiny baby hairs and is versatile to use to pick up and place the lashes too! I’m in love and will!2 buying the whole range now!

charlie tucker
so good

love these for inner corner lash placement so i dont have to bend my arm to place the lash!

charlie tucker

i used these tweezers once as my friend let me borrow them and they are life changing! amazing to isolate, theyre not too heavy, and the arch makes it so much easier than straight tweezers